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Easy Install - Phono Preamp

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Image of Easy Install - Phono Preamp
  • Image of Easy Install - Phono Preamp
  • Image of Easy Install - Phono Preamp

There is a new verison!
Click here: Bihari Easy Install Preamp v2


Here is my new RIAA Phono Preamp for PT01 Scratch.
Super easy installation!
You don't need to solder anything!
Just plug the connectors and you are ready!

This little dude works perfect with your PT01Scratch + Bihari tonearm + Shure M44-7 or Ortofon OM series!

RIAA Phono preamp will amplify the signal from a turntable, making it suitable for line level (AUX) input.

I made some mod on this preamps.
Comes with all wires presoldered.
It's extremely tiny, fits perfect for your PT01 Scratch.
Great combo with the Easy Connect Start Stop Button!

I recommend this moded preamp for those who aren't soldering pros.

***Also works with the PT01 USB, but doesn't work with the old PT01 (WITHOUT USB)***

***Note: Works perfect with D-cell batteries, rechargable battery mod, and wall charger ***

***Note: This is a second-hand product and there is no warranty***

"Easy Install" preamp Guide

Power splitter is included!

Power Splitter installation


Stereo pre-amplifier for use with turntables fitted with magnetic cartridges
Amplifies the signal to match it to the line or CD input of an amplifier
On/Off switch fitted
Power supply : 9Vdc, 100mA
Battery (optional) : 9Vdc (1 x PP3)
Equalization : RIAA correction
Frequency response : 30Hz - 20kHz
Gain : 34dB
Input impedance : 50k ohms
Output impedance : 50k ohms